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The science internets came up with a great idea today, which is to celebrate #drugmonkeyday, to list the many ways in which fellow blogger Drugmonkey has helped us in our careers. Its not often that we get to thank someone who has helped us with their mentorship and guidance, unless said person either died or is leaving the "scene".  So I think it's great that we are getting together to celebrate Drugmonkey and let them know how much they has helped us. About 8 years ago or so I came across this so-called "science blog" by some such person that went by the moniker of Drugmonkey, and that to my surprise it wasn't so much about science per se, but rather about life as a practicing scientist. In fact there was a whole bunch of these blogs by people with odd names like Dr. Isis and Professor Like Substance and Doc Becca. I was totally hooked. Not only were these people sharing experiences that were similar to mine, but in their comments section there was a lively and informative discussion going on. So after lurking around for a while I started participating in the dialogue and found this community incredibly welcoming and encouraging. I remember getting great advice from Drugmonkey and sometimes profanity-laden partner in crime, Comrade PhysioProffe about how to handle the first publications from my lab, how to deal with grant reviewers and resubmission, how to find funding opportunities, and all sorts of insider knowledge that I couldn't believe was not being offered to all junior faculty in departments across the country. I certainly wasn't being offered this in my own department. All of this convinced me to start my own blog, and Drugmonkey and Dr. Isis were incredibly incredibly supportive, promoting it prominently in their own blogs. I was flattered, I had drawn the attention of the legendary Drugmonkey! Remarkably, once the age of the science twitter came about and many blogs fell into disuse since the conversation moved into a different platform, Drugmonkey's blog has continued to thrive, and become incredibly more and more useful, doling advice about the NIH, the grant game and lots of other topics. I don't think one could count the number of people that that DM has helped with sage advice, as they transition through various career steps. And in reality this is not a gargantuan effort by Drugmonkey's part, but rather a willingness to share her experiences and things that have been learned throughout the process so that others might benefit. So keep on keeping on, and I look forward to reading Drugmonkey's blog for years to come.

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  • drugmonkey says:

    Really glad that you added your voice into the mix and delighted to have gotten to know you. Thanks for your kind appreciation- but it's all about the community input, IMO.

  • Efek Salju says:

    Still struggling, I am also happy to be able to read some interesting articles here, thanks drugmonkey.

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