Grants in Fluxx

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In my endless search for apt analogies to the grantsmanship game, I have a new one. Have you ever played the card game Fluxx? It's an incredibly awesome game in which the rules keep changing as you play. You think you have a winning strategy, are ready to win the next turn, and then someone changes the fucking rules and someone else wins. Or you are just plodding around trying to regroup your strategy to the new rules, then the rules change again, and suddenly you find yourself with the right card combo and you instantly win. Writing grants is the same thing, you think you have a winning strategy and then suddenly your panel switches emphasis, or changes the grant requirements/deadlines, or study sections are reorganized. Sometimes this suddenly works against you, sometimes in your favor, like when a new RFA is released dealing exactly with your topic area. You just have to keep on playing and hope that the rules change in your favor. I guess one difference is that in Fluxx, you can be the one to change the rules, in the grant game this seldom happens.

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  • drugmonkey says:

    Aren't we constantly trying to change the rules? By publishing papers that convince our peers that our interests are important? By jawboning POs to similarly persuade. By arguing in support of grants we find meritorious at study section? In all of these ways we may nudge the odds ever in our own favor (to mix Game analogies).

  • potnia theron says:

    I don't play Fluxx.. but can you change your cards?

    And, I do believe there are things one can do to enhance one's luck at the way the rules change. Some of the things DM suggests, but also, buying more lottery tickets (to mix the metaphor): more submissions, more chances.

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