On sticking your hands in hot oil

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I remember one episode from the Simpsons (I can't find a link to a clip) where there's this teenaged worker at Krusty Burger, and he drops something in the hot oil and sticks his hand to get it, burns himself, says "ouch!", then sticks his hand in again, says "ouch!", then keeps doing it indefinitely burning himself. A clear case of lack of associative learning.

I totally feel like this guy. Yesterday I tallied how many grant proposals I've put in since starting my faculty job about 11 years ago, and counted a total of 59, although I may have missed a few from the count. These are not all huge proposals, some are for smaller grants some for R01 NIH grants. I also didn't count any of the fellowships I've helped my trainees put in, that also take a lot of my time to work on. Of the 59, only 7 have been funded, and about half are small private or in-house grants. In combination with individual fellowships this has been enough to keep the lab afloat and funded, so I'm not complaining. That said, 52 grant rejections certainly do take their toll. To keep sticking your hand in hot oil seems to be an integral part of this job, so onwards...."ouch!", "ouch!", "ouch!"

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