Do you have 100 hours?

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Allegedly, in Japanese there is a term, Tsundoku, that refers to the growing piles of new, unread books that accumulate around your house. You know, that book you bought in that cool little bookstore last time your were in NY. Or those books your read a review for and ordered on Amazon. If you are like me, you probably already have a pretty large Tsundoku. In addition to my big Tsundoku, I also have a rapidly accumulating list of TV shows and movies I want to watch. I almsot never have time to watch anything on TV or Netflix, HBO, etc. I do make a point of watching some select shows that I like and follow but I have an increasingly growing list of things-I-want-to-watch-but-will-likely-never-find-the-time-to-do-so. To make matters worse, a friend of the blog and twitter user @BanditoKat recently sent me a list of “50 documentaries you need to see”. Personally I don’t feel like I “need to see” anything, but that is a pretty damn impressive list. And I’ve only seen a handful of them. It has a healthy mix of classic documentaries and new ones and some that really changed the way I think about certain topics (I highly recommend Shoah, the most powerful documentary on the Holocaust and a great reminder of why hateful politics are dangerous). Others like Hoop Dreams and The Thin Blue Line are genre defining. And some bring me happy memories of going to see them with my sweetie during grad school, like the Buenavista Social Club. Many are also international and the ones I’ve seen are excellent. The list has some links to ones that are available for free, but you might have to search most of them out on your own. Anyway, here’s the link, hope you have an extra free 100 hours, otherwise expect your video Tsundoku to get a little larger.

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  • potnia theron says:

    I've just read the list. Its not even that my Tsundoku will get larger. Its not even that I could make the 100 hours. It's that given what of the list I have seen, it would be unbelievably painful to watch all of these. Yet, yet, we cannot go through life blind. These filmmakers are telling us things we need to hear and to see because someone else lived these stories.

  • Zuska says:

    Yep, I've got the book (and e-book!) and video Tsundoku, as well as music - all the shows Mr. Z taped in the years before I knew him (on actual tape) are being converted to electronic files for easily accessible listening at any time...
    Also, is there such a thing as gardening Tsundoku? Or is it that gardening is just an inherently endless task...

  • namnezia says:

    My problem is not that I don't make time to read, but that I read soooo slowwwly.

  • drugmonkey says:

    BanditoKat is just plain trouble.

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