Dudes! Students need your help!

Oct 25 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

OK folks, I've dropped the ball!! With all this SfN + grantwriting craziness going on in recent weeks I just realized that our annual Donor's Choose campaign is going on. That's when science bloggers put up little giving pages to raise money for schoolkids in need via the charity called Donor's Choose. You (the reader) basically browse through the various requests from teachers to fund projects and you give money to them. If enough dough is raised, the classroom get's a new microscope, or computer, or science experiment or carpet. Yes, some don't have carpets for the kids to gather. In any case rather than me set up another giving page in the few days that are left, I'm going to urge you to go visit the giving pages of fellow Scientopia bloggers and give there, so we have hopes of completing some projects. For example DrugMonkey is raising money for genotyping kits for an AP bio class. Or GertyZ is raising money so a class can do a chicken hatching exercise. Prof-like Substance is raising money for a microscope! And Christina Lis is raising money for circuit boards. So go to these pages and others and fund some projects! I know I am.


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