Calaveras 2.0

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In México, November 2 is Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. One venerable tradition is to write little obituaries for living people you know with a little skeleton of themselves, or a sugar skull with their name to accompany it. Newspapers will write funny obituaries, usually in verse of politicians and other public figures. These fake obits are known as "Calaveras". Last year I wrote some calaveras of a few fellow science bloggers. To continue the tradition I'm happy to present a new set of calavers of some fellow bloggers I've had the pleasure to interact with in the previous year. Enjoy!

La Doctora Becca, RIP

So sad, la Doctora Becca is gone.

She thought her new lab was all done.

So she designed a new cocktail,

just as her gas burner read "fail".

The explosion lifted the lab right off the ground,

And no traces of Dr. Becca or the cocktail were ever found.

Zen Faulkes, was not Guy Fawkes

Poor ole' Zen Faulkes.

He met his demise when they confused him for Guy Fawkes.

He said "You got the wrong guy, I study crayfish!"

But they just thought he was being all selfish.

From the bonfire he yelled "No, really, look at my poster!"

But that didn't work, they thought he was just another imposter.

GertyZ had too much cerveza

Our friend GertyZ has passed on while drinking cerveza.

She had one too many, fell and hit her cabeza.

At least it was microbrew and not a Budweiser.

But she should have looked where she was going, that would have been wiser.

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