Owl Puke

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So I've been remiss about urging my readers to donate to our Donor's Choose campaign where we (scientist bloggers) convince you to donate your pesos to a variety of schoolchildren who need your help. How does this work? You can click on this link, or on the little gidget-thing-a-ma-bob on the margin of this blog, and this will take you to my giving page.

I would really like to thank those reader's who have contributed via my giving page, but for those of you who have procrastinated, you are in even better luck. Apparently, if you give now until the end of the campaign (Saturday) the Donor's Choose organization will double your donation. After saturday you will receive an email asking you where you want to donate the matching funds. So it's like giving twice as much.

If you are undecided as to what project to donate to, I would suggest giving to Ms. DeFelice's 5th grade class, who needs some funds to buy some owl pellets. For those of you not "in the know", owl pellets are basically dried up owl puke. Why do they want owl puke? Because by going through it's contents you can learn tons of what the owl has been eating. So you can find little mice skeletons, gold coins, elves and whatever other crap the owls eat.

So go, give them some money.

Image source: D. Petersen

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