Gimme an "S"... gimme a "C"... gimme an "ience", help kids learn "Science" (and other stuff)

Oct 03 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Alright, listen up peeps: Today is the kickoff for the Science Blogs Donor's Choose campaign, where we (scientist bloggers) convince you to donate your pesos to a variety of schoolchildren who need your help. How does this work? You can click on this link, or on the little gidget-thing-a-ma-bob on the margin of this blog, and this will take you to my giving page. Look at the projects that I have selected for help, or search some of your own and then give them some money. If the project raises enough funds, then that classroom will get their money. That's all!

Why should you donate? Because its a good thing to do. Plus if you don't I shall unleash this giant squid upon your ships:

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