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So today there was a Big Important Faculty Meeting at my university and we were all supposed to go vote on some important issues of relevance to the faculty. To expedite the voting process, they decided to provide us all with clickers, so we could vote electronically. I was waiting in line, balancing my cookies, coffee and meeting handouts, watching people file into the auditorium, being handed a clicker as they walk in. When it's my turn to get my clicker, the woman handing them out looks at me and says, "Can I help you?".

She hadn't said a word to anyone ahead of me.

I said, "Well, I would like a clicker."


"For the meeting… so I can vote, on the important matter."



"Who are you?", she says.

I tell her my name and she repeats it slowly…

"I'm sorry, but no."


"What department are you in?"

I tell her the name of my department…she repeats it slowly, and starts eyeing me suspiciously.

By this point everyone in line behind me is starting to wonder what the hold-up is, I start to get all self conscious and sweaty.

"Can I get my clicker now?"

"What is your position?"

"Look, clicker lady, I know I look young, and am dressed like a grad student, but I am a faculty member here, I have a right to vote and I want my fucking clicker! And if you think, for a moment, that I am going to show you my university ID you can fucking forget it!"

OK, I didn't curse at her, but in my mind I did. She finally reluctantly gives me a clicker "I just needed to make sure". Yea right, clicker lady, screw you.

As I grumpily walk into the auditorium I hear the old professorial-looking dude who was behind me in line laughing hysterically.

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