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So we're spreading out our tentacles! Recently I was asked by the nice folks at LabSpaces to contribute to their science blogs. I was quite excited by the offer, and agreed to cross-post some of my favorite science-y material from Take it to the Bridge on the LabSpaces site. What does this mean? It means that Take it to the Bridge will still remain here, so if you are a regular reader you don't need to do anything different, I'll continue posting here as I have in the past. But some of the material that appears here will also show up in LabSpaces. This will allow me to further disseminate some of my favorite science pieces to a wider readership, and hopefully to attract new visitors to my little WordPress blog.

Why didn't I move the whole blog over to LabSpaces? I sort of felt that moving the whole thing would inhibit me from writing too many non-science posts and basically from acting like myself. Plus I really like the WordPress platform. It really provides a nice, clutter-free, stable writing environment which has made blogging a lot of fun.

So don't go anywhere! Take it to the Bridge is still here, and you can look forward to more hopefully interesting posts. Also, I'm looking forward to interacting with the folks over at LabSpaces.

Fig 1. Spreading our tentacles.

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