Calaveras 3.0

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In México, November 2 is Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead. One venerable tradition is to write little obituaries for living people you know with a little skeleton of themselves, or a sugar skull with their name to accompany it. Newspapers will write funny obituaries, usually in verse of politicians and other public figures. These fake obits are known as "Calaveras". For the last couple of years, I've written some calaveras of a few fellow science bloggers. To continue the tradition I'm happy to present a new set of calavers of some fellow bloggers I've had the pleasure to interact with in the previous year. Enjoy!

Pobrecita SciCurious, killed by curiosity.

No matter how much she would try,

Death could not evade poor old Sci.

We tried to save her from the monster brain,

that chased her, again and again.

But one day as she was writing el blog,

monster brain caught her, as she tripped over a stupid log!


Prof-like Substance, R.I.P.

Prof-like substance was always confusing.

What sort of substance makes a professor?

He wrote this blog, about how academia was a slog,

until he died by falling into his substantial processor.


PalMD, fightin' hacks and quacks!

Dr. Pal has finally gone underground.

Not in a white coat but under a mound.

He was fighting off quacks, chiropractors and hacks.

When a homeopath fired a round of projectiles.

Although the bullets were diluted a million times over,

poor  Pal was still felled by placebo effectiles.

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