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Back when I was in graduate school, I was taking a class on cellular neuroscience. I remember perfectly the professor saying "OK, the next paper we'll be discussing is Stoop and Poo". (Get it?) Everyone chuckled a little and pulled out Stoop and Poo. But, you know those times when something just strikes you as so funny even if no one else is laughing and just sets you off? Once everyone stopped laughing I just couldn't stop. I would try to stifle my giggling, but once we started discussing the paper I'd would periodically let out a semi stifled guffaw and start cracking up, loudly. And I would shake uncontrollably, tears rolling from my eyes. I just couldn't stop, and the harder I tried, the more I HAD to laugh! And then other people started cracking up and letting out their own guffaws until the whole class started laughing out loud. But even then I couldn't stop. Finally I just apologized and left the room and let it all out in the hallway, full bellied laugh and all. Finally I was able to settle down, returning to class al sweaty and embarrassed.

Do you know of any other funny author combinations in scientific papers? There's always Yankner and Shooter (1979), and Balls and Wood (1956). And the famous Katz and Shatz (1996) of course. And don't forget Brown, Brown, Butts (1972).

I crack myself up.

Post your favorites in the comments.

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