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Paper Craft

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How do you tell your kids that while you appreciate and encourage their creativity, that we do not need to indefinitely keep every little drawing, garbage sculpture, stapled-together paper plates with dried beans inside, giant painting with three splotches, decorated wood, ribbon collection, colored-in sheet from the dentist, collages made from cutouts from catalogs, sheets with rubber stamp designs and stickers, paper airplanes, more paper airplanes, crooked origami cranes, and swords made from branches and broken toys? I'm happy to frame and display some of your best art. We can put some of the other better ones in a portfolio which will promptly leave the house with you once you get your own damn house. But please let me throw out the rest. I promise I'll recycle what I can. At this point I refuse to take the kids to any public event that features "kids activities", which is code word for more junk that will clutter every corner of your house. Anybody want a rolled up drawing of an elephant with some glued-on photos of bunnies and a Spiderman sticker?

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